The Organization

Dense Analysis is a nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of Washington in the United States of America in 2022. Dense Analysis is composed entirely of volunteers with experience in the IT industry, and our network of engineers and IT professionals spans the globe.

Organizational Structure

Dense Analysis is managed by a Board of Directors. The Board is composed of IT professionals who each contribute unique perspectives, whilst sharing common interests. The board is selected according to breadth of IT experience and complementary personalities. All members of the board are elected, and members may from time-to-time choose to elect new members of the board as they see fit, or replace existing members according to a democratic vote.

Board Members

Andrew Wray - President & Treasurer

Known online by the moniker “w0rp,” Andrew is an IT professional with a career spanning three decades. Pulling from not only programming experience, but experience in public speaking and performance, developer training, team management, marketing, and more, Andrew serves dual functions in the organization as President & Treasurer.


As President, Andrew is tasked with promoting the organization, fostering its development, overseeing future staffing requirements, forwarding its initiatives, growing its projects, and general leadership. The Dense Analysis President is responsible for seeing that every organization member and volunteer is able to function to the best of their ability.

As Treasurer, Andrew is responsible for fulfilling the organization’s tax obligations, managing any future donations or other money the organization may receive, ensuring budgets are allocated appropriately, and in general oversight of all financial matters.

In short: Andrew dedicates his efforts to handling key organizational matters to ensure that every Dense Analysis member and volunteer is not encumbered by legal roadblocks, technical limitations, or any other encumbrance.

David Berry - First Vice President

An IT professional of many years, David Berry’s expertise lies primarily in quality assurance and automation. David serves as an important sounding-board to Andrew’s vision, and helps shape the organization’s roadmap for the future.


As First Vice President, David assumes all duties of the President when he is not able, due to severe illness or injury. In the event of the untimely loss of the President, David will serve all functions of the President, until a new President can be appointed.

Georgi Angelchev - Second Vice President

Georgi serves as a primary contributor to Dense Analysis’ software projects, brand, and initiatives. Georgi pulls from past experience as an IT startup founder and software developer to provide invaluable insight and advice on how to run an IT business, including managing organizational documentation, social outreach and networking, and brand image. Georgi acts as a Swiss Army knife of IT business and fills in organizational gaps.


As Second Vice President, Georgi assumes all duties of the President when neither the President or Vice President are able. Georgi is firmly embedded as a key member of the board essential to the future vision of what the organization aims to achieve.

Oliver Taylor-Knight - Secretary

Oliver acts as an adviser to the Dense Analysis board. Pulling from experience in IT support, Oliver brings a human element to the board, and a much-needed difference of perspective.


As Secretary, Oliver acts as the organization’s primary record keeper. Any and all matters relating to the organization which require documentation are his primary responsibility.